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It’s been a long time…

I have been gone for a very long time from this. During my hiatus from THIS particular board, I have been working on a novel and the manuscript was completed early this year. I have been playing more games and even scored big with another YouTube channel. Calm down, it’s not that big 😉

I also traveled a whole lot more and been through new things. Anyways, I am back. I will be doing the majority of my posts here. Stay tuned!


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My first living places in Japan

While in Tokyo and Yokohama I first stayed in a small hotel room, and an even smaller room in Yokohama.


My Japanese Adventure (part 2 preview)

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Why MW3?

Although I prefer Battlefield on the good ol’ CPU, I like MW3. It’s an extremely popular shooter on the XBO360 and has that in your face arcade-like experience. You get the game up and start running and gunning down foes. This here is a sample of my game play. To all of the Battlefield players, sorry but I prefer Halo over both games.

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While in Osaka…

osaka toy house

One interesting thing about Osaka is that they have many hobby stores in the big cities. This man here is in a multi-leveled hobby store where action figures, video games, building bricks, and Gundam models populate each floor. On a higher floor I found some people testing their model electric toy cars. I think I spent a good long while watching this happen.

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Flamenco Demo


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