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One Hundred Promises, One Limited Release


A limited First Edition (completed First Draft) of my first Heroic-Fantasy novel, Yscariot: Sphere of Light will be released on the basis that One Hundred (100) “Promises to Contribute” have been made by the end of the month. These “Promises” are made by contributors, supporters, and readers in the form of family and friends in order to expedite the process of getting the story out there. Promises means that you WILL contribute the given amount

However, anyone can contribute and have a piece of history! (Hey, the first releases of Harry Potter books are worth thousands of dollars a piece now!) In order to make a promise to contribute, please send a message directly to my (the author) E-mail address. Details of the book and promotion are as follows:

  • $25 donation per book.
  • Immortalized names as contributor to Team X’el‘s Hall of Heroes.
  • Complete original story include with…

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It’s been a long time…

I have been gone for a very long time from this. During my hiatus from THIS particular board, I have been working on a novel and the manuscript was completed early this year. I have been playing more games and even scored big with another YouTube channel. Calm down, it’s not that big 😉

I also traveled a whole lot more and been through new things. Anyways, I am back. I will be doing the majority of my posts here. Stay tuned!


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My first living places in Japan

While in Tokyo and Yokohama I first stayed in a small hotel room, and an even smaller room in Yokohama.


My Japanese Adventure (part 2 preview)

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Why MW3?

Although I prefer Battlefield on the good ol’ CPU, I like MW3. It’s an extremely popular shooter on the XBO360 and has that in your face arcade-like experience. You get the game up and start running and gunning down foes. This here is a sample of my game play. To all of the Battlefield players, sorry but I prefer Halo over both games.

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While in Osaka…

osaka toy house

One interesting thing about Osaka is that they have many hobby stores in the big cities. This man here is in a multi-leveled hobby store where action figures, video games, building bricks, and Gundam models populate each floor. On a higher floor I found some people testing their model electric toy cars. I think I spent a good long while watching this happen.

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Flamenco Demo