New Home: Shanghai

Stupid… person. Stupid dirty person that I never met.Dude didn’t even manage the toilet. After a year and more has passed of getting familiar with my surroundings, I have decided to get back on my old blog page to update everyone on my new location, Shanghai, which is located in the mid-eastern part of China. […]

The Life of Me in Korea PART THREE

Here is part three of my life in Korea collection. Here, I will talk about the three schools in which I taught in Korea over the years. This video is a bit shorter than the last. Please enjoy!

The Life of Me in Korea PART TWO

The second part of my journey talks about a whole week or two in the time span of an hour. I hope that I can make the next part a bit shorter! ~Phew~

My Life in Korea… In Summary (Part 01)

As my time in Korea comes to a close, I will be summarizing all 3 years and 3 months of my stay in the 3 different cities that I lived in while staying here. Let’s start with Seoul, South Korea.

It’s been a long time…

I have been gone for a very long time from this. During my hiatus from THIS particular board, I have been working on a novel and the manuscript was completed early this year. I have been playing more games and even scored big with another YouTube channel. Calm down, it’s not that big 😉 I […]

While in Osaka…

One interesting thing about Osaka is that they have many hobby stores in the big cities. This man here is in a multi-leveled hobby store where action figures, video games, building bricks, and Gundam models populate each floor. On a higher floor I found some people testing their model electric toy cars. I think I […]


Ever had the feeling you had return right back to where you have started? Well this is one of those moments, but this does not mean that I am upset about it. We all know of those worrisome moments when we wish time machines were accessible. I’m sure you had done so, because I have […]

My first post…

So many ludicrous changes going on different social networks sites. I thought I would just like to make my own site that I can own and play with. Besides, it’s good to own something for once.