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Relearning Korean

As long as I have 1 person actively commenting in an intelligent, non-spamming capacity on my Korean Self-Study videos, I will be uploading them publicly (as requested). Here are the links to PDF files to use while watching my videos. They can accompany you on learning from the books I use. File 01: Dropbox File […]


While on a 2018 trip to Taipei, Taiwan, I went back home with a fellow friend from Dallas and shared some hometown memories on video last year. This part focuses more on the school I went to and how that plays a part in my book 🙂

Tendo Gamez – (Gucci Gang Parody)

Happy birthday to my little brother, Jose 🙂

New Home: Shanghai

Stupid… person. Stupid dirty person that I never met.Dude didn’t even manage the toilet. After a year and more has passed of getting familiar with my surroundings, I have decided to get back on my old blog page to update everyone on my new location, Shanghai, which is located in the mid-eastern part of China. […]

The Life of Me in Korea PART THREE

Here is part three of my life in Korea collection. Here, I will talk about the three schools in which I taught in Korea over the years. This video is a bit shorter than the last. Please enjoy!

The Life of Me in Korea PART TWO

The second part of my journey talks about a whole week or two in the time span of an hour. I hope that I can make the next part a bit shorter! ~Phew~

My Life in Korea… In Summary (Part 01)

As my time in Korea comes to a close, I will be summarizing all 3 years and 3 months of my stay in the 3 different cities that I lived in while staying here. Let’s start with Seoul, South Korea.

Finding PSO2 on a Japanese PSN Account

One Hundred Promises, One Limited Release

One Hundred Promises, One Limited Release

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A limited First Edition (completed First Draft) of my first Heroic-Fantasy novel, Yscariot: Sphere of Light will be released on the basis that One Hundred (100) “Promises to Contribute” have been made by the end of the month. These “Promises” are made by contributors, supporters, and readers in the form of…

It’s been a long time…

I have been gone for a very long time from this. During my hiatus from THIS particular board, I have been working on a novel and the manuscript was completed early this year. I have been playing more games and even scored big with another YouTube channel. Calm down, it’s not that big 😉 I […]