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New Home: Shanghai

Stupid… person. Stupid dirty person that I never met.Dude didn’t even manage the toilet.

After a year and more has passed of getting familiar with my surroundings, I have decided to get back on my old blog page to update everyone on my new location, Shanghai, which is located in the mid-eastern part of China. The beauty of Shanghai is its small size, compared to bigger “states” in China, and it is the biggest cities in the world in terms of population and density of population and more. I will tell you more coming here through my personal experience. Please note that I wrote this entry and saved it as a draft on Sept 28th, 2016 and just not got around to it. I won’t even edit the majority of the first 4 paragraphs.

Rocky Road:
I have been living in South Korea for three years, in the cities of Seoul, Jeju Island, and Cheongju, and China was a major step in moving to a brand new place. First, I needed to apply to a school and gain a scholarship, to which I was successful, and it was a very long process. To illustrate my pain, I would skip past the application processes but spend countless hours waiting for responses from university officials and researching the school and location. Shanghai University was the school that I eventually would join, but it was not the only school that I was accepted to, as there were others that I applied to as well.

After all of the needed pre-arrival procedures have been fulfilled, it was time to move, and re-boxing everything was a daunting task. The reason for this was the fact that I needed to pick and choose what to send without overexerting myself and spending far too much money in sending items I probably wouldn’t need any longer. My former director’s assistant helped me save money by packaging most of my things himself from 6 small boxes, to 3 bigger ones. To fast forward a bit, my mother was to receive another one of my packages, while another is still in “customs limbo” here in China. Getting off of the plane, I met with a lovely new friend who helped me move my “expensive” baggage from an airport shuttle and into a taxi near the Shanghai Rail Station. I landed in Shanghai after a short trip in Japan on August 29, 2016 at 11:30am.

After two long trips in the easiest traffic I have ever experienced here, we made it to the campus. We asked for and walked straight into the International Student Exchange Dormitory, also known as the “Z-Building”, and asked for a room. After giving the receptionist, who did not speak any English, my 1000RMB deposit and passport, I was given a pink slip confirming my stay for 3 years and was given a key. Just as I began to go up the elevator and feel some great relief, my heart sank.

Yes, my room was a TERRIBLE MESS! It was extremely dirty as well. There were dust bunnies (Marine slang for dust balls) everywhere, roaches crawling in and out of the wall cracks and also all around the room, the bathroom was so filthy, it needs its own sentence. The shower head belligerently shot water on ALL sides, the curtain was so dingy (the original color was white) it was as it the curtain was darker than my skin color!).

Stupid… person. Stupid dirty person that I never met.

Dude didn’t even manage the toilet.

Old paint skin just shaved off and sitting on the floor.

Brown… stuff… everywhere… just dripping.

Cracked seals on the walls. Easy for roaches to get in.

Anyways, it gotten a whole lot better after that. I will continue to the next episode later, I hope. Feel free to comment your thoughts on my story.
*2017-2018 UPDATE: I have yet to see roaches in my room. I will talk about that in detail a little later, but for the most part, the vast majority of roaches were eradicated before Winter 2016 🙂

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