My Japanese Adventure (part 2 preview)

3 comments on “My Japanese Adventure (part 2 preview)

  1. Very COOL video!!! Dont know if it is your camera or maybe the whole Japanese environment but the color on the people’s clothes, grass, water etc look a lot brighter than the States lol…Japan seems like a very fun place to visit 🙂

  2. Really COOL video, nice job!! Japan seems like AWSOME place to visit and seek new adventures:) I don’t know if it is just me, or the camera you used to record with but the color in video is super colorful and bright:) Wish it looked like that in the States lol…I bet though that Japan has more air pollution than the States because of the over population that they have… Other than that I bet it was awsome to have had the opportunity to be able to visit there:)

  3. The air seemed less bad than Texas, where I am staying. It was a very colorful to me, and easy to breathe. Maybe it was the altitude. Anyways, thanks for you post 🙂

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