2 comments on “unreal

  1. I wish we did live in an unreal world sometimes because colors,and pictures look more beautiful, and punches that life gives us would just vanish from our memories and we wouldn’t have to remember them ever again. Tthat we can move on in life without having to ever look back. Everything that once hurt us and made us cry will not be there. But an unreal world does not exist right now, only in our heads, because we wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t get up from those punches, we wouldnt be able to feel at 100% what love is, heart break, friendship, family, the things that make us feel alive and that are real. I wonder what world is better…

    • I agree there is many things about life that are unfair, the only thing that you can do is to take it day by day ,and realize and agree 100% at every decision you make in life no matter how much it change your life. Life is about constant change that helps us grow and determine what is a real feeling, what really matters in the end, and the ability to seperate a world that is real with an unreal one.

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