Vagrant One

You Brave Cat

Ever had the feeling you had return right back to where you have started? Well this is one of those moments, but this does not mean that I am upset about it. We all know of those worrisome moments when we wish time machines were accessible. I’m sure you had done so, because I have and let me tell you about the fortunes you possessed at some moment. You will tell anyone but yourself how content you are with your life past and present, yet you wish you can deliver to yourself fortunes into the past to do and capture the things you wanted. Ultimately, where this cat is sitting I have been there 20 years ago. I spent my times there as though the place belonged to me. Still does in a way and I believe the cat knows. Rarely do anyone go there anymore due to the high fencing, but it was my place. A place full of memories.

Stone Creek Sewer Tunnel

3 comments on “Vagrancy

  1. I know I have wished for a time machine before to be able to capture those happy, beautiful moments that I once shared with people that I loved….Everything seemed much easier and happier at the place where I once felt i didn’t have to leave, or roam around, a place where i felt was mine and no judgement was ever there…I know that even if we can not go back to those moments we can try to make our present and our future a better state of mind..To a point where we do not have to be vagant anymore…

  2. I went back today with my young cousin and introduced him to this spot that’s been supposedly closed off, and he enjoyed it. I was kidding when about an hour later after circling the residential area that we’ll go back in, and he was ready to go back in. I told him maybe next time 🙂 He’s a good kid, and I shall post up a photo of him soon.

    • Its nice that you don’t have to have a time machine to be able to picture those moments you once spent there, because I bet that through your cousin you were able to see yourself there again, when you were happy, and you enjoyed being there, when that place belonged to you. It’s awesome that he enjoyed spending time with and getting to know that place that was important to you. It’s nice to know that the place you once and maybe still enjoy, makes your cousin thrilled to go back to. Can’t wait to see the picture 😀

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